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Academic Programs of Study

Mt Sierra College offers bachelor’s degree programs in three areas of study: Business, Media Arts and Design, and Technology. The College designs its degree programs to provide students with a well-rounded education that is technology driven and academically sound. This curriculum will prepare students for the competative marketplace of the 21st century.

Each program has two components. First, the core curriculum for each degree provides students with a progressive foundation pertaining to their field of study. The majority of core courses include hands-on experience or lab simulations in a virtual environment to maximize the students’ education.

Second, the general education curriculum provides students with critical thinking skills, information literacy competencies, quantitative reasoning, as well as written and verbal communication skills. These skills are developed extensively throughout both curricula to ensure that students are equipped to express themselves effectively.

Remedial Courses
Entrance in the following courses is determined by the placement
a. ENG 085 Evolving English
b. MTH 085 Basic Math

General Education Requirements
To satisfy Mt Sierra College’s General Education (GE) requirements,
students must fulfill course requirements in the five (5) categories listed below and complete a minimum of 60 quarter units.

A. English Language Communication and Critical Thinking (16 units)
• ENG 135: English Composition
• ENG 155: Advanced English Composition
• PHL 145: Critical Thinking
• SPH 305: Speech Communications

B. Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning (8 units)
• MTH 135: College Algebra
• PDT 315: Information Literacy and Research Skills

C. Arts and Humanities (20 units)
• PHL 405: Ethics and Legal Issues
• ENG 300: Professional Writing

Select three additional courses from the following
• ENG 250: Mythology
• ENG 260: Storytelling
• ENG 335: Introduction to Literature
• HUM 205: History of Civilization
• HUM 235: Art History
• HUM 240: History of Graphic Design
• HUM 245: History and Language of Moving Pictures

D. Social Sciences (8 units) Select two courses from the following
• POL 210: Political Science
• PSY 215: Psychology
• SOC 165: Sociology

E. Lifelong Learning and Self Development (8 units)
• PDT 115: Personal Management and Leadership
• PDT 425: Career Strategies (for Business and Technology Majors)
• PDT 426: Career Strategies (for Media Arts Majors)
All degree programs are 180 quarter credit hours in length, which would take 193 weeks (15 quarters) to successfully complete at a normal full-time pace of 12 credits per quarter. If taking less than a full time course load the number of weeks to complete would be 386. (Refer to Program Outline Curriculum and Degree Requirements).

Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Media Arts and Design with concentrations in:
• Game Arts and Design
• Visual Design
• Visual Effects and Digital Studio

Bachelor of Science Degrees in Information Technology with concentrations in:
• Computer Information Technology
• Information Security
Bachelor of Science Degree in Network Communications
Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Entrepreneurship