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Bachelor of science Degrees

BUSINESS entrepreneurship

Learn how to launch your own enterprise when you earn your Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship at Mt Sierra College. Experience what it means to advance your leadership skills to the beat of your own learning style and schedule in a small classroom environment.

Whether you are a high-school graduate or a professional, the program will help an emerging entrepreneur like you to develop customer and industry intelligence, analyze and identify global competitive opportunities and build a potentially successful business. Your courses train you in the skills you need to innovate, create and develop business plans, raise venture capital, become an effective decision-maker and manage a small business in a diversified, global marketplace.

As students analyze business strategies and explore how to secure funding, they also learn how to write business plans, develop marketing strategies and examine potential markets ripe for an entrepreneurial enterprise. Via faculty and networking events, students are introduced to industry innovators who provide invaluable perspectives on starting and operating new business.

The graduates enjoy the focus of small classrooms that surround students with attention and encouragement and amplify their impact inside a collaborative learning environment; and a body of faculty that bring their real-life industry experience and knowledge to the classroom.

Upon completion of the Mt Sierra College entrepreneurship degree program, students typically have the knowledge base to: Start a small business, become a business consultant, Franchiser, Marketing Administrator, Business Developer and Financial