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Bachelor of Arts Degrees Media Arts & Design

Visual effects & Digital video

Since our ancient ancestors gathered around a campfire, humans have been storytellers. We are still driven to tell stories but now our stories are made using very sophisticated technology and displayed on large and small screens. The need for content and the technical expertise to create that content is expanding every year. The entertainment world, from major studios to independent web producers, are clamoring for people who have the artistic and technical skills to make that content. Mt Sierra’s Visual Effects/Digital Video program offers the extensive tool kit needed for creating visual effects, motion graphics, and original videos.

The program begins with a solid foundation in the traditional skills of drawing, design, photography and animation, complimented with courses in the history of art, film, and visual effects. From the foundational courses, students move through three areas of study, digital video, motion graphics and visual effects. The first section is digital video where students learn video production, story telling and script writing, camera, sound, and editing and create original short narrative or documentary films.

The second branch of the program is motion graphics. Here students go deeper into design and the manipulation of typography, creating movie title sequences, news openings, graphical commercials, animated logos, and animated graphical interfaces, such as those used in the movies Iron Man and Prometheus. The third area of study is visual effects, which includes 3D modeling and animation, matte painting and compositing. Students learn how to film actors on a greenscreen, build CGI environments, props, and effects and combine all of that into a live action background.

During the last three terms students will take the skills they have acquired and design and produce a major project either in film, motion graphics, or visual effects. In the final term of this journey students acquire job skills and refine their marketing materials.

Upon graduation a student is prepared to enter a wide variety of beginning positions in video production and postproduction, motion graphics, and visual effects.

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